IntelCrete Concrete Works designs and constructs broom finish, exposed aggregate and stamped concrete sidewalks in the Winnipeg area. We take care of the breakout and removal of old concrete sidewalks and paving stones. The groundwork is done by excavating, if necessary, to the clay base and replacing sod/soil with road crush tamped with a vibrating plate tamper. Our skilled professionals crib forms with curves if wanted and then tie in 10mm rebar at 15″ o.c. We pour 32 Mpa (Duramix) high quality concrete at 4 to 5 inches thick.

The homeowner has several choices when it comes to IntelCrete construction of concrete sidewalks in Winnipeg. We are comfortable with designing curves, stairs, in exposed aggregate, broom finish and stamped concrete. We remain committed to providing you with a look and a price that is comfortable for you. We currently have a minimum size requirement of 250 square feet for broom finish and 400 square feet for exposed aggregate and stamped concrete jobs in the Winnipeg area. If your total square footage includes a patio and or stairs or driveway and is over these limits we will do the job!

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