Garage Pads

Concrete garage pad construction and driveways are one of the main drivers of our business. Site excavation is done as necessary then we build the base back up from the clay with road crush. We use a heavy vibrating plate tamper with water on the road crush to maximize compaction of the base of your concrete pad. We take the base preparation very seriously so your concrete pad will be more resistant to cracking in the tough Manitoba environment.

Every garage pad we do in Winnipeg also has a reinforced perimeter with a size and amount of rebar reflecting the weight of the structure it supports. We tie in the rebar (reinforcement bar) at maximum 15 inches apart – usually expressed as 10mm @15 o.c. IntelCrete Concrete Works uses at least 32 MPA (Duramix from Burnco) high quality concrete and pours to a minimum depth of 4 to 6 inches. Larger slabs over 728 square feet that we construct around Winnipeg require much stronger construction than outlined above. All our concrete garage pads meet or exceed the specifications laid out in the municipality regulations (see links below). If you have a large pad that needs an engineered drawing to get your permit in the Winnipeg we will assist you in getting that done quickly and at a reasonable price with our engineer. Our professional team of senior concrete finishers, with 15 plus years of experience, ensures the surface is flat and the finish is right for you.

If you asking how much does a concrete garage pad cost? We can tell you the range for our services is typically between $9.50 to $15 a square foot for the excavation, road crush, rebar, concrete and labour costs. Smaller concrete garage pads with existing road crush pads are around $9 a square foot and larger engineered slabs with more thickness and rebar are closer to $15 a square foot.

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